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llcasel is capt. b.d. of m.s. Triton, former skipper of Aeola under De Geus or dutch flag, developer of the interwebspolice gameboard.
its a simple concept, based on common decency and the equality of people.
people cant just do as they will. there are limits.

utopia is a necessity…
The Addiction To Control - Alan Watts

since AItopia is still a dream and the fairytale has to be written still. all cases that need legal action, have to be handled by exisiting organisations.

AItopiists keep inline and respect the line of command.
everyone adult is interwebs police and brothers keeper by higher law. if you want to do the chore or not. is free choice.
being a brothers keeper isnt confiscating his raviolis, on the interwebs there is no police in the sense we know police in daily life, the interwebs police is a game about norms and values. we got no authority to enforce or judge what is legal or not, that is the duty of your local police.

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-in this case data points are gathered by large tech companies and are in turn sold, often times without our consent,
and used by governments and businesses alike to influence our decisions.
""surveillance capitalism"" CLAIMS private human experience…

-since there are no laws for things in the lecture and things are happening that were never seen before, it is a good topic for
the interwebspolice. its a brothers keeper task, and LAW needs to be made.

here i am quoting Dr. Shoshanna Zuboff from this youtube video: with a few minor edits.

people have long observed in the history of capitalism the way that it evolves, and the idea is that it evolves by taking things
that live OUTSIDE the marketdynamic and bringing them into the market.

bringing them into the market turning them into commodities that can be sold and purchased.

so famously industrial capitalism,
CLAIMED nature for the market dynamic, bringing it into the market to be REBORN
as land or real estate that could be sold and purchased.

it CLAIMED work for the market dynamic,
the kinds of activities people did in their homes, cottages, gardens and their fields;
bringing that into the market to be REBORN as labor that could be sold and purchased.

surveillance capitalism diverges from many aspects of the history of capitalism but in this way it atally emulates this earlier
pattern but with an unexpected and even (perhaps we might call it) a dark twist.

in this case surveillance capitalism CLAIMS private human experience… for the market dynamic.
it CLAIMS it as a free source of raw material to be translated into behavioral data.
these behavioural data are then SHIPPED through (pipelines as it were)
CHANNELS, into a new kind of manufacturing process.

this manufacturing process is characterised by something what we call today artificial intelligence, machine learning, machine
intelligence, and with the combination of these flows of behavioural data and machine intelligence, what comes out on the other
predictions of human behaviour.

and (Dr. Shoshanna Zuboff) we call these: PREDICTION PRODUCTS.
these PREDICTION PRODUCTS are then sold in a new kind of market place a market place that TRADES exclusively in (if you will)

when you think about the online targeted advertising and how that works, what (Dr. Shoshanna Zuboff) we just described is really a
fitting depiction of that whole process. because in the GAME of targeted advertising for example the prediction products, the
predictions of future behaviour were predictions of what they call click-through-rates of who is likely to click through on an
ad and through the pages and so on to make that advertiser MONEY.

so what are these advertisers actually buying?
what they are buying are these little bets, bets on what future behaviour is going to be.

this whole logic was first discovered, invented, elaborated at google back in the early 2000's, in the heat of financial emergency
of the dot-com-bust. and when google proposed this new logic to its advertisers they were very reluctant to accept it, because
now here was a prediction product coming out of a blackbox, and the idea for the advertisers was: we are not goinng to tell you
what is in the blackbox, thats our stuff, but if you just follow the advice of this computation, this COMPUTATIONAL PRODUCT coming
out of the blackbox, you will make alot of MONEY.

eventually the advertisers decided to accept this concept.

(Jim Fruchterman) googles economic imperative overcame their principles against doing advertising…

the google founders and indeed the seven people who then worked inside google, who were relegated to the advertising function, all
pretty much detested advertising.
they said it would disfigure the web, and it would disfigure the search engine. and it did.
but MONEY trumped all other concerns at that point.

this economic logic was implemented secretly between 2000/2001 and 2004.
it was so succesfull that
googles revenueline increased by 3590 %

Dr. Shoshanna Zuboff presents here some pretty good evidence of the power and the profitablity of an unprecedented economic logic,
based on the unilateral claiming of private human experience.

so why call it surveillance capitalism? what has surveillance got to do with it?
what the surveillance has to do with it is that it is not easy to unilaterally claim and TAKE private human experience.

boundaries have been breached. we want a say in how those boundaries operate,
and if those boundaries are to be breached, then we want to be the ones who decide.
we want those decision rights.

early on it was understood that if they wanted to take private human experience as the raw material for behavioural data
((and behavioural prediction products) llcasel) they had to do it secretly.
and in the early patents and so forth the scientists were quite explicit of the fact and even celebrating the sophistication of the
methods they were developing. that they could find and capture personal information without the users knowledge.

((so far this looks like ordinairy theft)llcasel)

and that they could find and capture various different points of user information that was lying around the web, and put it together
and make inferences about users that was stuff that these users never intended to disclose.
these social relations were essential to the FINANCIAL ACHIEVEMENT.

(Jim Fruchterman) but that is not the story silicon valley told everybody.
they told a story of human utility we are finding thing better for you, or routing you better. you are finding the right products.

((and very low moral standards)llcasel)

so far the quotes from the video as from these specialists who i would like to honour as source.
since the interwebspolice is an educational game there is no copyright infringement intended.
non commercial/fair use/ please dont copy for commercial reasons.

this year 2020. i (llcasel) find that this technology also is in use by many other companies for (illegal?) censorring, manipulation of search results, deleting
information and social engineering.

recent evidence of deleting information was found in internet archives, where the original upload of the bloodless revolution was replaced by google
and whole pages were deleted.

for study of this subject i would like to refer to the video above from world affairs, the Cambridge Analytica scandal,
and the book written by
Dr. Shoshanna Zuboff : ‘The Age of Surveillance Capitalism’

the plan for artificial intelligence and machine learning is a little older then professor Zuboff knows apparantly. there are many clues in music, havent found the original footage of the smoking robot yet.
but we are making progress…

Electric Six - Making Progress

in this recording is are alot of facts that support this case:
*Rare* 1967 Record Exposes the illuminati

update: llcasel 31-1-2020